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Wh> Date: 21 Dec 1994 20:25:22 GMT

Wh> In posing this as a possibility I am hampered by lack of evidence for
Wh> the early use of boats. I have seen some things, such as
Wh> semifossilized swordfish beaks in Red Paint shell middens
Wh> which would require the use of boats at an early date,
Wh> (swordfish not normally being found in shallow water),
Wh> but would be curious if there is evidence amongst the
Wh> tools used by early man of things like wedges, to split
Wh> wood into planks along its grain, and the use of braided fibers?

Earliest water-craft need not have been built from planks & fibers, but
could have been from hides, sinew, & bone, among several possibilities.
But all of these things are perishable, hence the problem. Another
factor is the inundation of coastal areas following the ice-age,
although underwater archaeology is now beginning to shed some light
on once coastal settlements. (I believe dates as early as 8-10,000y BP
are suspected for some along the Alaska Panhandle).

I think the evidence to look for may not be tools so much as settlement

- Rab

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