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Fri, 23 Dec 94 18:23:00 -0500

-=> Quoting Scott C Delancey to All <=-
SCD> Date: 20 Dec 1994 14:24:51 -0800

> SCD> maritime activity; you'd think if they already had boats & maritime
> SCD> skills sufficient to get across the Bering Strait 12,000, or 25,000,
> SCD> or whatever years ago, that you'd still find that culture & technology
> SCD> at least along the West Coast.

RW> Mmmm. The loss of earlier technologies after radical adaptations to a new
RW> habitat is not infrequent.

SCD> Sure. So there's no problem in explaining why, say the Plains Indians
SCD> would have lost any traces of maritime culture. But, if the
SCD> suggestion is that the original migrants reached the New World by boat
SCD> around the Pacific Rim (you're right, it wouldn't have to--and probably
SCD> wouldn't-- be directly across the Bering Straight), and then spread
SCD> inland from the West Coast of North America--then the people along the
SCD> West Coast, Oregon down through Baja, didn't have to adapt to a new
SCD> habitat at all. If the maritime adaptations that got them there were
SCD> useful in Asia, why were they suddenly superfluous in America?

The California coast, and southward, is radically different from more
northern coastal habitats, wouldn't you agree? The southern coasts are more
hospitable and conducive to settling into less maritime oriented ways.
Especially during icey times.

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