Re: Polar Bear Challenge for AAH opponents

Phil Nicholls (
17 Dec 1994 05:24:14 GMT

In article <3cik3h$>, Sir CPU <> wrote:
>In article <3cf3vh$>, (Phil
>Nicholls) writes:
>Since none of the evidence is based on skeletal
>biology there is no way to disprove it so it becomes the perfect
>Actually, there is some interesting evidence in the book "Aquatic Ape,
>Fact or Fiction" put forth by Marc Vendanberg (sp?) on the bone density of
>certain hominids that supports AAT. The bone densities of aquatic animals
>tend to be higher than that of terrestial animals, and that is was Marc
>found in the bones of early hominids. So, this assertion that AAT has no
>"hard" evidence, is starting to fall apart.
>Troy Kelley
Well, Troy, that's a neat trick, considering that early homind "bones"
are not bone at all, but are fossils formed from those bones. Nice
trick indeed.

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