Re: AAH: humans long-distance runners?

Pat Dooley (
17 Dec 1994 00:45:09 -0500

In article <>, (Phillip Bigelow) writes:

> Your side has no modern-day anologue to an aquatic ape. Name a
_mammal_ > the
> size of A. afarensis (about four feet tall and slight of build) or
> that is semi-aquatic and is _hairless_. Just one modern-day example
will do.

Name one current savannah mammal of any size that is hairless and/or
has a subcutaneous fat layer approaching the human level and/or is 100%
bipedal and/or is effectively hairless and/or sweats eccrinely.

You can't do that, as you well know. But it is nice to see an arguement
based on convergent evolution.

I don't accept that A.a was slight of build. We don't know how fat Lucy

Semi-aquatic? Not very big? A bit porky? A wallowing pig, maybe. An
adolescent pigmy hippopotamus. The young of any hairless aquatic
mammal born at sea.

Pat Dooley