Re: Taung and AAH

16 Dec 1994 17:57 CST

In article <3clts3$>, (Pat Dooley) writes...
>The period of interest that the AAT focusses on is from around 12mya to
>around 4 mya. As you know, there ain't much fossil evidence from that
>period that relates
>to human ancestry. Like zip, nado, zero, none. Very convenient, you might
>But how did evolution get from the common human/chimpanzee/bononbo
>ancestor to Lucy? Why was Lucy bipedal? Why were her feet so large
>relative to her leg length? Bipedalism is a MAJOR evolutionary change.
>To get an idea of how large, consider the fact that horses are more
>closely related to one zebra species than that zebra species is to a
>second zebra species; yet all three are more distantly related than
>humans are to chimpanzees.

Actually, humans are genetically closer to chimps than chimps are to
gorillas. When I was in physical they were talking of a drive to put
chimps in the same genus with humans, but for political reasons they were
having problems with the idea. Anyone here anything of late?


James Benthall
University of Houston
Houston, Texas