Re: Bipedalism and endurance (Re: AAH - enough already)

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17 Dec 1994 05:10:13 GMT

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>>> 6) Lack of dense body hair facilitates cooling.
>>> The converse is true. Fur provides a greater evaporative surface.
>Rehashing an old complaint: anti-AAH people are beginning to convince me in
>this debate BUT both sides are appalling at providing any evidence. For
>goodness sake there must be some work on the efficiency of different animal
>cooling methods, can't someone provide a *citation* so we can drop all this
>silly common sense conjecture and rely on some real work?
>What I am looking for is a reference to something like the Journal of Animal
>Cooling Studies, or Thermoregulation Now, or something.

Wheeler, P.E. The evolution of bipedality and loss of functional body
hair in hominids JOURNAL OF HUMAN EVOLUTION 1984 13:91-98

Falk, D. Brain evolution in Homo: The radiator theory BEHAVIORAL
AND BRAIN SCIENCES 1990 13:333-381.

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