Re: Polar Bear Challenge for AAH opponents

Phillip Bigelow (
Wed, 7 Dec 1994 08:13:27 GMT (Sir CPU) writes:

>I would challenge the opponents of AAH could look at the skelaton of a
>polar bear and compare it to the skelaton of a black bear and identify
>which one is the "aquatic" animal.

>Troy Kelley

That's right.
Most of us "anti" types have been trying to convey this concept to the
proponents of the AAT from the start. It is, to summarize our view one more
time, it is fruitless to make up theories on things that cannot be tested by
other reviewers. Why make up a theory, such as the notion that hominids
once went through an aquatic phase, if the theory cannot be proven OR

If, hypothetically, bears were long extinct, a real scientist would look at both
bears, and, correctly, I believe, come to the conclusion that they are both
structurally terrestrial carnivores. Within the limits of the scientific
method, the scientist did the right thing. NOW..if an Aquatic Ape proponent were
standing next to the scientist, the AAP might make the claim that both of
these extinct bears (both the black bear and the polar bear) were hairless
when they were alive, and had noses like snorkles.
(hey, at least the real scientist knew both were carnivores!)