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>>I have compiled a FAQ file for the newsgroup listing the
>>known hominid species, some of the more important fossil finds, common
>>creationist arguments concerning them, etc
>Jim, I'm interested in early African burial sites. It seems that the
>African fossil record is devoid of Neanderthals and early Cro-Magnon... or
>the black Africans that live there are relative new-commers. Early homo
>sapien sapiens sites have been found in the Middle East but virtually NONE
>have been found in Africa! I finds that hard to believe! Can you help?

I haven't heard of any African burial sites, but there are some
H.sapiens fossils from Africa (Oldoway Man, the Kanjera skulls, the
Kanam Jaw) which I mention in the FAQ file because creationists
sometimes refer to them. They are thought to be H.sapiens sapiens.
and are presumeably the same species as Cro-Magnon, but I doubt anyone
knows whether they belong to the Cro-Magnon culture.

I don't think any Neandertals are known from Africa or East Asia, but
there are some fossils that have been called Neandertaloid: possessing
Neandertal characteristics (Rhodesian man, not covered in the FAQ, may
be an example).

I thought modern humans had been in Africa for a long time, but I don't
know for sure, and I doubt anyone knows where modern humans first
appeared (hopefully someone can prove me wrong here).

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