Re: Taung and AAH

Phillip Bigelow (
Wed, 14 Dec 1994 05:11:45 GMT (JEFFREY K McKEE) writes:

>I am really baffled to read all this stuff about the Aquatic Ape
>Hypothesis. <snip>
>I excavated at Taung for 7 years, and demonstrated that the environment in
>which our ancestors lived some 2.8 million years ago was savannah.
> Now I am
>working at Makapansgat, a 3.2 Myr old site revealing our ancestors in a
>forested environment with no major water source nearby. Both of those
>sites, like others in southern Africa have Australopithecus africanus.
>So when, and WHERE, did our ancestors go through this alleged aquatic
>phase? And why does ALL of the evidence contradict the AAH? Why is it even
>worth discussing?
> Jeff McKee
> Hominid Palaeoecology Research Programme
> University of the Witwatersrand
> Johannesburg, South Africa

Unfortunately, the "theory" will probably outlive all of us. The way the
aquatic ape people have set up their theory, anything goes. If we find
more earlier evidence for a savannah existence, all the aquatic ape people
have to say is "well, that means the aquatic phase happened at an earlier
time." It is now, and will stay, an un-answerable bottomless pit.
Ambiguous evidence works in their favor.
Jeff, I am interested in your exploits down there! Is the Taung site
still being quarried? Anything new or insightful since the Taung Child was
first published? If you have published, could you post a list of your