Re: Polar Bear Challenge for AAH opponents

Rod Hagen (
Tue, 13 Dec 1994 22:02:31 +1000

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> Well, I can suggest a find that would be pretty compelling evidence
> for the AAH. Suppose that an australopithecus afarensis or similar
> skeleton is found in the Danakil Alps, and dated to the period when
> those mountains were an island or islands, a period for which there's
> a gap in the hominid fossil record. If the skeleton is found in
> what used to be the seashore, that's icing on the cake.
> AAH opponents: Would you accept that as strong evidence for the AAH?
> If not, why not?
> Everyone: Is anyone digging for fossils in Eritrea?Is anyone
> planning to do so?

Why would this prove anything? I've found the bones of kangaroos and sheep
on beaches. I'm sure millions of the things have washed down rivers after
floods etc. Why should a fossil australopithecus in an old sea shore be
regarded any differently?

Rod Hagen