Re: Polar Bear Challenge for AAH opponents

Pat Dooley (
Mon, 12 DEC 94 00:24:55 -0500

Phillip Bigelow <> writes:

>proponents of the AAT from the start. It is, to summarize our view one more
>time, it is fruitless to make up theories on things that cannot be tested by
>other reviewers. Why make up a theory, such as the notion that hominids
>once went through an aquatic phase, if the theory cannot be proven OR

Because there are other competing theories that also can't be proven or
disproven. The savannah theory, in its initial formulation, proposed
that bipedalism evolved to free the hans for carrying tools and weapons.
When the fossil evidence came in, showing bipedalism pre-dated the
evolution of weapon creating brain power, the savannah theory got
recast. The fossil evidence isn't all in yet! The gaps are large, the
bone fragments small, and there is still hope that physical evidence
will come in, one way or another. It is starting to look like the
Austrolpithicenes and their predecessors lived in lusher
environments than had previously been expected. That takes some
heat off the savannah theory by putting in an intermediate
environment between forests and savannah.

Pat D