Re: Polar Bear Challenge for AAH opponents

Gregory Grant (
11 Dec 1994 20:11:23 GMT

Phil Bigelow writes (for the n-th time!):

> Why make up a theory, such as the notion that hominids
> once went through an aquatic phase, if the theory cannot be proven OR
> disproven?

How many times have we been through this Phil?
The assertion that you love to cling to that AAH can never, in principle,
be proven is so absurd it would make one wonder about your mental
stability, if not for the obvious reason as to why you persist with this
line of argument. That reason being that your position is so extreme that
you cannot rationally support it.
What if someone said 80 years ago that the hypothesis that whales evolved
from land creatures with legs was unprovable and so must never be
considered as a viable hypothesis and must be discarded as dangerous
It seemed pretty likely all along that whales evolved from land creatures,
but the fossil evidence which is now good enough to call proof, took a
long time to come by.
So here is one way that AAH could be proven:
Find fossils that are as compelling as the whale with the legs, or as
compelling as archeopterix.
Not likely, I admit, but possible. The fact that I have produced a
possible way to prove AAH provides clear counter-example to the
Bigelow-hypothesis that AAH can never be proven. So let's discard the
Bigelow-hypothsis for the clear non-sense that it is.