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11 Dec 1994 14:48:19 GMT

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>Dooley) wrote:
>> Hairlessness a simple mutation? So how come we can just about divide
>> mammals into three categories:
>> 1. Hairy land dwellers.
>> 2. Large hairless aquatic and wallowing mammals.
>> 3. Small oily haired, multi-coated semi-aquatic mammals.
>> For a savannah animal, hairlessness is just about the stupidest mutation
>> possible. It removes protection from the tropical sun; it reduces the
>> efficiency of sweating, and it removes thermal insulation against
>> surprisingly frigid savannah
>> nights.
>> The savannah theory, in all its mutations, has never actually come up with a
>> plausible explanation for hairlessness.
>Somebody better tell the rhinos and the elephants about this. Or have they
>both just jumped out of the pool too? Both seemed to have survived "just
>about the stupidest mutation possible" pretty well (at least until we got
Why Rod, don't you know? Elephants and rhinos ARE aquatic beasts. You
really need to spend more time reading Elaine Morgan.

[tougue removed from cheek now]

I'm afraid that is not as funny as it sounds.

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