Re: AAH - methodology

Phillip Bigelow (
Sat, 10 Dec 1994 18:20:43 GMT (Pat Dooley) writes:

>The AAH does have geology and DNA/Virus evidence going for it. The
>long dried up inland sea of Afar provides a locale and a reason why the
>reversal occurred. The DNA/Virus evidence suggests our ancestors were
>out of mainland Africa after separation from the chimp/human ancestor
>10 mya while the fossil evidence has Lucy back in North-East Africa
>about 3.5 mya.

>Pat D yet again.

You haven't read the Beneviste and Todaro paper in _Nature_, have you?
Come on now, come clean! :)
Read the post titled "trichotomy revisited" in this newsgroup. And,
please, read their paper, which is supposadly the basis for the geographic
isolation hypothesis. Pat, we can't discuss DNA/Virus "evidence" with any
degree of accuracy if people such as you haven't even read the original
research that the supposed "evidence" was taken from.