Re: Aquatic Apes 2 of 5

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Fri, 09 Dec 1994 14:22:56 +1000

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> > In the water, sharks and crocodiles are a lot
> > harder to see and be aware of than lions on the savannah.
> As I recall, Australia is famous for both its beach culture and its
> sharks. Yet
> shark attacks have been about as frequent as lightening strikes in terms
> of reducing human the human population in Australia. AAH opponents rely
> overly much on sharks and ignore the dozens of other mammal species
> that have made the transition from land to water. Crocodiles present more
> of a
> problem but I suspect hominid predation of crocodile eggs was as big a
> problem
> for the crocodiles as they were for hominids.
> Pat D happily relocated in Cleveland.

Interestingly, smoked salmon causes far more deaths each year on a world
wide basis than sharks! Maybe we should have stayed in the water!

Rod Hagen