Re: Aquatic Apes 2 of 5

Pat Dooley (
6 Dec 1994 00:30:17 -0500

In article <39pkm8$>, sharpe@nmesis (Richard Sharpe)

> In the water, sharks and crocodiles are a lot
> harder to see and be aware of than lions on the savannah.
As I recall, Australia is famous for both its beach culture and its
sharks. Yet
shark attacks have been about as frequent as lightening strikes in terms
of reducing human the human population in Australia. AAH opponents rely
overly much on sharks and ignore the dozens of other mammal species
that have made the transition from land to water. Crocodiles present more
of a
problem but I suspect hominid predation of crocodile eggs was as big a
for the crocodiles as they were for hominids.

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