Re: The scientific method and the AAH

Pat Dooley (
6 Dec 1994 00:15:22 -0500

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lemon) writes:

>unwebbed --> webbed. We start out with webbed fingers. It is the original
>state, not a special adaptation. Like hairlessness, it can easily be
>explained by a very simple mutation that doesn't really mean anything.
>a simple reversion.

Hairlessness a simple mutation? So how come we can just about divide
mammals into three categories:

1. Hairy land dwellers.
2. Large hairless aquatic and wallowing mammals.
3. Small oily haired, multi-coated semi-aquatic mammals.

For a savannah animal, hairlessness is just about the stupidest mutation
possible. It removes protection from the tropical sun; it reduces the
efficiency of sweating, and it removes thermal insulation against
surprisingly frigid savannah

Now, once an animal has lost its hair, it takes a lot of evolutionary
pressure to
get it back. The AAT provides a plausible explanation for hairlessness,
savannah theory, in all its mutations, has never actually come up with a
plausible explanation for hairlessness.

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