Re: local evolutions

Gerrit Hanenburg (
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 17:12:56 GMT (Bruce Scott TOK ) wrote:

>: I think that this theory has begun to fall out of favor in recent years
>: as genetic evidence has come down on the side of the "Out of Africa"
>: theory that several times in the past Hominids have migrated out of
>: Africa. If I understand it correctly, the genetic evidence suggests
>: that all living Homo sapiens sapiens are descended from a single female
>: who lived around 800KYA. Much later than Homo erectus left Africa.

>I haven't been following this story recently, but when and why did this
>time scale become 800 kya and not 200 kya?

See Christopher Wills' paper "When did Eve live? An evolutionary
detective story" in Evolution 49(4) pp.593-607 (1995).
He concludes that Eve lived between 400000 and 800000 years ago on the
basis of the rate of accumulation of transversions in the
mitochondrial control region.