Re: Waking up covered in dew

Paul Crowley (
Mon, 26 Aug 96 08:10:30 GMT

In article <01bb9288$f31a1140$> "Philip Nicholls" writes:

> Paul Crowley <> wrote in article
> > As you imply, my basic point stands. Sleeping naked on the ground
> > you'd get chilled to death.
> Paul, does it occur to you that there may be a reason why apes build
> nightnests and that early hominids, naked or not, very likely did the same
> (as we still do today).

We've already covered this point, Phil, in this very thread.
Apes built nests in trees and rest *on* them. They do this to
avoid predators, not to avoid cold. Would you sleep up in a tree
in order to avoid cold? Large male gorillas sleep on the ground,
usually first covering it with vegetation against dampness on the
ground. For significant protection against cold, you need a
layer of impervious material to trap a warm layer of air. Loose
vegetation is not much use.