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Sun, 25 Aug 1996 13:57:16 GMT

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Paul Crowley <> wrote:
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>> Paul Crowley <> wrote:
>> > Actually, I can't conceive of a nomadic hominid
>> >form of life without fire, tools, shelter and advanced weapons.
>> Could you sumarize the reasons each of these would be needed for
>> nomandic hominids?
>We're looking at East Africa so "nomadic" implies high ground and
>probably the continental heartland, which means the occasional
>(or more frequent) very cold night and this requires shelter.
>Fire is needed to keep nocturnal predators at bay. Weapons are
>needed for diurnal predators and probably for food. Perhaps tools
>and "advanced weapons" are not essential, but they are generally
>reckoned to go along with shelter and fire.

Thanks. I understand. It seems reasonable.

Although it seems to me that a minimal list might be simply weapons,
"blankets", and a social structure.

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