Re: When did farming start?

Barry Mennen (
24 Aug 1996 05:35:56 GMT

In <> Paul Crowley
<> writes:
>Farming is supposed to have started in the Middle East around
>10 kya. But Papua New Guinea was first populated about 40 kya.
>Its long-established societies (with about 1,000 of the world's
>5000 languages) have apparently each maintained their way of
>life, which includes farming, since their first colonisation.
>What gives?
>Or to put it another way: On page 374 of the Cambridge Encyc-
>lopedia of Human Evolution Prof Frank Hole of Yale states:
> ". . in a few places in each of the major landmasses, between
> 12 kya and 9 kya, people began to cultivate suitable species
> of cereal grains and root crops. Southwest Asia, equatorial
> Africa, the South-East Asian mainland, Central America, and
> lowland and highland South America were all scenes of early
> agriculture."
>Haven't we here got clear and unambiguous proof of telepathy?
Or a good salesforce.