Re: local evolutions

Paul Crowley (
Thu, 22 Aug 96 19:39:00 GMT

In article <> "C. Marc Wagner @ UCS" writes:

> Yousuf Khan wrote:
> >
> > Also, would like some sites devoted to the aquatic ape theory,
> > both pro and con (if possible). Sounds fascinating.


I haven't seen these:

Anti: (aggressively so)

> The AAT (Aquatic Ape Theory) has been FLAMED a great deal in this
> newsgroup over the last few months. I get the sense that few in the
> field put much credence in it.

It's a heretical doctrine, and is disliked intensely. But that
always happens to heresies. That has no bearing on whether it's
true or false, nor whether it's partly true or partly false.
You have to make up your own mind.