Curse of Egypt

Timo Niroma (
19 Aug 1996 19:06:24 GMT

Every archaeologist or anthropologist knows the "Curse of Akkad". A
tale, which we can name the "Curse of Egypt" is not so well known.

"The fertilizing water of Nile floods, but the fields are not
cultivated, robbers and tramps stroll on the roads and lie in ambush
for the unsuspecting traveller, and strange people invade the country
from everywhere. Diseases rage and women are barren. All social order
has ceased, taxes are not paid and temples and the palaces of the kings
are insulted. Those, who once were veiled by grand clothes, walk now
dressed in rags. Noble women wander about land and wives lament: oh,
only we would have something to eat."

Unknown Egyptian scribe about 2100 BC, or at the time of the poem
"Curse of Akkad". (Translation from Finnish done by myself.)