Re: Whites' genetic responsibilities

Sabsy (
18 Aug 1996 05:42:47 -0400

In article <>, duncan
<> writes:

> Koos and the rest of the White Librul loony sect are a bizarre
>of Christianity and a cargo-cult. The idea seems to be that they
>(*OTHER*) Whites be loaded up with all the `sins' of the world (racism,
>capitalism, pollution) in the hope that we'll all get a short cut to
> Everybody else just plays along with the charade and avoids
putting in
>when the plate comes round. The real problem is that the only thing
>getting any less is the number of Whites.

Of cause the white people who ruled South Africa were just misunderstood
and were not bad people at all. They do not need to be saddled with all
this stuff because their Christian faith held them steady and they did the
right thing
Sabelo Ndabazandile
Amaphuth' ahlathinye