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Fri, 09 Aug 1996 16:36:15 -0700

Geoff Alex Cohen wrote:

> I'm sorry, but I can't help it.

> Dave Courtney ( wrote:
> : Here's a trivia question for you. What do Somalia and the Republic of
> : Georgia have in common? (Besides that parts of both are separatist,
> : unrecognised states?)

> This is demonstrably false. Both Somalia and Georgia are states
> recognized by the UN and the world community. Did you research your
> other points as carefully? > Geoff

Well, Geoff, so what if Georgia is recognized by UN?
It only proves what a diseased organ the UN has become.
Would you believe the god ol' USA engage in non-American
behaviour, as a country, through supporting Stalin's
political will? Hardly - you say?
Have you ever heard of Abchazia?
Abchazia was one of the original Soviet Republics, just like
Georgia. However, when Stalin (a Georgian) came to power,
one of his first acts was a bloodless conquest of Abchazia
by neighbouring Georgia through annexation by Stalin's decree!!!!!
Hopefully, you've been able to follow the subject this far.
After the fall of bullshevism, when Georgia suddenly decided
to opt out of the Soviet Union, the Abchazians naturally said:
"Wait a minute - Stalin is dead - we're staying with Russia!"
But the separatist Georgians hated all separatism, and tried
to keep the Abchazian Republic in the fold, by the force of arms.
Of course, the US-hawks embittered by past enmities (in the USA,
the doves are a threatened species close to extinction) made sure
that United States and CIA rendered Georgia all possible help.
Anything to make Russia a little weaker still.., which is
greatly absurd, considering that - all in all - Russia is
America's greatest and BEST NATURAL ALLY - and vice versa.
Jiri Mruzek
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