Good Paleo References - Cheap!

Bob Keeter (
Sat, 10 Aug 1996 00:26:08 GMT

If there is a Bookstar book store in your area, I'd recommend a
quick visit. For those of use who dont have a good library at
our disposal, a lot of our reading material has to come off of
the "discount racks" at bookstores. I found that Bookstar had
a series of books put out by the American Museum of Natural
History (at least 5 volumes, I have 4!), ranging from basic
human evolution (Vol 1) through "People of the Stone Age",
"Old World Civilizations", and "New World and Pacific Civilizations"

Probably not up to some scholarly standards, but seem to be
fairly current, well writen and I have to suppose fairly factual
and best of all, $19.95 a pop!

OBTH, my only connection with Bookstar is the 80 bucks I left there
and the smile on my face!