Reflections on a bad back

Thomas Schmidt (
Thu, 08 Aug 1996 23:20:52 GMT

Confined to my home by lower back pains which do not allow me to stand
upright, I reflect on things I have learned by lurking in this
Usenet. I have attempted to brachiate, but it is difficult to do when
one is definitely not orthograde and must lean forward and adopt a
waddle gate to get from one place to another. I tried knuckle walking
but even though my legs are quite short, my arms are just not long
enough to keep me from falling on my face. Which brought me to a
serious speculation, i.e. are there any studies relating the hip and
knee joint problems of dwarfism to a retention of primitive traits
since selected out in the interests of bipedalism? My mind works in
mysterious ways.

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