Re: Dissecting the Aquatic Ape: Bipedalism

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Sat, 3 Aug 1996 03:45:40 GMT

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Paul Crowley <> wrote:
>In article <> "Richard Foy" writes:
>> Are you sure about the big cats. I have seem both lions and chetahs
>> hunting during the day in East Africa.
>Cheetahs are diurnal; they rely on a short burst of high speed;
>but they're the exception. Cats as a family (including your own
>domestic pussy) are primarily nocturnal. Their adaptations
>include excellent night sight and they prefer moonless nights.
>Before launching an attack on a moonlit night lions and leopards
>will often wait for a cloud to obscure the moon. That is not to
>say that they don't hunt during the day, when they have to.
>Domestic cats hunt for birds during the day, cos that's when
>they're around, and juvenile birds are an easy catch.
>I don't have any references to hand, but this would be in the
>basic textbooks and encyclopedias.


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