Re: Earliest evidence of fire question

Gautam Majumdar (
Thu, 1 Aug 1996 15:18:15 +0100

In article <>, Tom Zaranek
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>My friend (does not have email access) is looking for any information
>regarding the earliest evidence of fire by the hominid.
>Of particular interst are methods with which the time estimates were
>done and locations of these sites. Is there anyone out there that
>knows of any interesting sources which I could check out in order
>to get the above information or knows something about the below
>1. Menez-Dregan (France)
>2. Chesowania (Kenya)
>3. Verfesszolos (Hungary)
>4. Zhoukoudian (China)
>5. Swartkraus

Referenced for France & China -
Balter M, Did Homo erectus tame fire first ?, Science 1995; 268: 1570

Reference for Swartkrans (South Africa) -
Brain C K, Sillen A, Evidence of Swartkrans cave for the earliest use of fire,
Nature 1988, 336, 464-6

Gautam Majumdar