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Arlyn Christopherson <> wrote:
>In a radio interview Monday, Donald Johanson suggested that the
>"opposible toe" might be a misinterpretation. He says he is anxious
>to see the fossils himself.

What I found most interesting about the NY Times article on the find was
that it seemed to be pretty anti-ramidus as a human ancestor (well, at
least both Leakey and Johanson were quoted on that topic), but then again
it seemed to suggest that it is very likely ancestral to afarensis.It has
now come under serious debate whether afarensis was completely bipedal. I
am still convinced, 100%, that the foot bones that make up afarensis could
not have made the Laetoli footprints. If so, and this new find has a much
more "modernized" foot, then it looks as tho this would oust Lucy from
the family tree, too. But that was not the opinions expressed in the
article, tho that very well may be because it was no a scientific source.


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