A. anamensis - Nat. Geographic

Lloyd Jacobs (71640.2463@compuserve.com)
18 Aug 1995 15:55:27 GMT

sandee@Think.COM (Daan Sandee) writes:
>Today's New York Times reports (CNN last night had a snippet) that there
>will be an article in today's Nature about the discovery of a new
>hominid species.
>Authors: Meave Leakey (team leader), Alan Walker (anatomist), Craig Feibel
> and Ian McDougall (both geologists).
>21 specimens, including teeth, jaw parts, cranial parts, tibia, and humerus.
>Age : 3.9 to 4.2 mya.
>Two sites : Kanapoi (SW of Turkana), Allia Bay (E shore, near Koobi Fora).
>Picture of jaw looks very rectangular.
>Thick enamel. Large canines. Tibia shows bipedalism.
>Named A. anamensis [anam is a Turkana word meaning lake].
>Ian Tattersall and Johanson, interviewed separately, agree that this looks
>much more in line with afarensis than ramidus does. In fact, this gives
>strength to the idea that ramidus is an offshoot. No comment from White.
>Seems to me (if everything is true) that this is the biggest news about
>early hominids since Lucy.
>Daan Sandee sandee@think.com
>Cambridge, MA 02142

The September issue to National Geographic has a brief but colour illustrated
article on A. anamensis by Meave Leakey.

In it she mentions that Tim White has seen the fossils, but they are waiting his
publication of latests Ardipithecus ramidus finds, INCLUDING PELVIS AND FEMUR.