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Alex Duncan (
22 Aug 1995 19:35:18 GMT

In article <41coft$> Andrew Smith, writes:

>Does anybody have any views on the latest findings by Professor
>Philip Tobias concerning the foot bones found in the Sterkfontein
>caves?Has he discovered the missing link; apemen who walfed on two feet
>but had feet shaped to clasp branches, a kind of a toe thumb.

What do you think "the missing link" is?

Tobias' discovery of the the Sterkfontein foot is not surprising.
Similar remains have already been found at Hadar. Tobias' foot is
important because it adds another piece to the puzzle. I think the
majority of paleoanthropologists would have predicted that a > 3.0 Myr
old hominid from
South African would have an abductable hallux.

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