Re: Bipedal Lemur

Rich Travsky (rtravsky@UWYO.EDU)
14 Aug 95 22:58:43 MDT

David Chan <> writes:
>I have just seen a program on BBC television (about the Rift in Africa)
>which shows a large lemur in Madagascar bounding along upright on two
>feet. These lemurs apparently stand upright on branches. Does anyone
>know which species of lemur it was?
Most likely a sifaka.

>Could this be an indication of how Apiths first ventured out of the
I don't know about australopithecus, but I looked up some sifaka
pictures in an aging Time/Life book on primates and I noticed that
the foot of the sifaka is quite splayed. Made me think of the "little
foot" fossil remains. And this in an animal that displays some
aptitude for bipedalism.

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