Re: Little Foot and Litoli

15 Aug 1995 03:30:50 GMT

In article <40o5v1$>, (Philip Louis Reno) writes:
>I have looked at the Tobias and Clark reconstruction in Science and
>recently saw a picture of the Litoli footprints and to my eye they do
>not look compatible. So what do people think?

The Laetoli & Hadar specimens (of afarensis) *may not* be the same creature.
There are interesting differences between them, including the morphology of
the feet -- Hadar's are curved, while the Laetoli footprints appear more
humanlike. However, this South Africa specimen is very interesting because
(1) there have been no reports of afarensis in S Africa & (2) the oldest
date I know of for a South African hominid is around 3mya for africanus. Yet
this specimen is said to be around 3.5. So, does this mean they found an
older africanus or the first sign of afarensis in South Africa? I will be
interested to see what it is classified as, & why.