Re: What Would Sex With A Apith Been Like...?

Dave Keeny (
2 Aug 1995 15:11:32 GMT (BARD) wrote:
> Yeah, right, ask your mother too; but seriously, what would
> it have been like?
> In another post, someone suggested apiths probably practised
> rear entry. Some comparison was made with apes. We know, for
> example, the lowland gorilla's penis averages 2 inches; humans,
> 4 1/2 to 5 inches. Should we then conjecture the apith's was somewhere
> between, say, 3-4 inches?
> This is a good length, long enough to produce orgasm in
> the female; thus, should we conjecture further apiths
> like to fuck?

I don't know why you would assume 3-4 inches is a good length.
Of course, in relation to the size of the average australopithecine,
one might argue that an apith with 3-4 inches was proportionately
quite well endowed -- certainly endowed beyond the anatomical
requirements for fertilization; however, I question your assertion,
"long enough...female". It has been well documented that in humans
(and I believe this can be applied to apiths) length is a relatively
insignificant factor, in terms of mechanics. Psychologically, of course,
the situation may be quite different. Are you asserting that apiths
had the same preoccupation with length that many humans do?