Re: What Would Sex With A Apith Been Like...?

Ludvig Mortberg (
Wed, 09 Aug 1995 22:52:33 GMT (HARRY R. ERWIN) wrote:

>It's an interesting question. We don't have enough data to say, especially
>as this is an area particularly prone to sexual selection; however, you
>might look at Bonobos and Chimps as possible models. What you might
>regard as sexual behavior approaching that of modern humans probably
>emerged 1.75 MYr ago with early Homo erectus. Prior to that, there is
>evidence of marked sexual dimorphism with all that can entail. I have
>some opinions, but they are little more than speculations.

People interested in the origins of human sexuality should take a look
at orangs. They use the missionary position just as we do, and are
similar to us in their reproduction in many other ways too.