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Phil Nicholls (
Tue, 08 Aug 1995 13:44:22 GMT (BARD) wrote:

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>Daniel Yee <> wrote:
>>In article <>, BARD <> wrote:
>>> Yeah, I don't have to take no gruff from you. I did my time in
>>> Vietnam..
>>That's interesting, because the current most objectionable entity on
>>anthro-l also served in Vietnam. I wonder if there is some connection.
>>Danny Yee.

> I wonder if you and Phil were once connected at the hip, or
> is it you're trying to get your moon-face head between his hips?

> You come out of no where and began calling me names.

> Then turn around and compare me with some flash-backing
> Nam vet...

> What da fuck is your problem, pal?

> The price of MSG keeps going up?


Bard is not a Vietnam vet. During the Vietnam war he was but a gleam
in his biological father's eye.

It would also appear that on top of everything else he is not above
using racial slurs.

Wonder what the folks at will think about that.

Go away bard. You contribute nothing to this newsgroup but abuse and
insults. If you were really the flamemeister you claim to be you
wouldn't bother with this newsgroup. The only reason you hang out
here is because you know no one will flame you back. This makes you
feel clever.

Your not clever. Your a coward and a racist. If this were the real
would you wouldn't have the guts to say any of these things. You
would just go sulk trying to think of snappy comebacks and wishing you
had said them at the time. (Danny posted that message weeks ago).

Why don't you find some other interest. It's summer. Go to the mall.
Get a girlfriend (or boyfriend if that is your preference) and stop
bothering the grown-ups.

Phil Nicholls
"To ask a question you must first know most of the answer."
- Robert Sheckley