Re: What Would Sex With A Apith Been Like...?

Sat, 5 Aug 1995 20:03:06 GMT

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Ralph L Holloway <> wrote:
>There have really been some great posts in this newsgroup of late. Even
>BARD's insulting drivel re: Danny Yee had recognisable humor in it, and I
>think Harry's response here is on target. Let him mouth off, use the
>delete key, and enjoy the rest of the posts which have been of very high
>quality for the most part. I have particularly enjoyed the Egyptian
>disease one, Harry's stuff on the brain, and the threads on Littlefoot
>and character states for Asian pongids. Let's keep it up.
>Ralph Holloway

I'm a fool, sure; but this Phil Nicholls guy really comes across
as neurotic...perhaps even psychotic.

I'm convinced of this. It is possible, you know.

I could be driving the poor lad mad.


PS(Hey, Phil, keep it up and you're going to wake to find a Apith
head at the foot of your bed one morning...)