Re: Holloway/Morgan

Elaine Morgan (
Sat, 29 Jul 1995 15:35:00 GMT

Many thanks to Guy Hoelzer for clarifying the position about genetic
drift. I apologise for being dismissive about the paper on drift and
brain growth without having read it (Always a mistake!) Can anyone give
me a reference to it please?

Would it be possible to give a guess as to the conditions which would
have to obtain for a population of primates to be freed
from the pressures of natural selection? to assess just how
small and how isolated it would have to be? Would the
scarcity or otherwise of resources also have some
bearing on that calculation? Presumably there would be a limit too
to how deleterious the feature would have to be, to beome fixed.
If it was too maladaptive the carrier would not survive to breed.
Could you please give some examples of maladaptive traits that have got

-- Elaine Morgan