Re: New finds at Sterkfontein?

Alex Duncan (
31 Jul 1995 18:10:22 GMT

In article <3vivg5$> KLessa, writes:

>A *hoax*? Incredibly doubtful. It's possible that Tobias and Clarke
>are *wrong*, of course, about their interpretation of the fossils'
>functional morphology--given the differences of opinion on them someone
>is bound to be. But Tobias and Clarke are highly respected
>researchers. The idea of a deliberate hoax being perpetuated by these
>two is laughable. And almost any hominid fossil discovery is
>accompanied by hype--an unfortunate, but commonplace, state of affairs
>in paleoanthropology.

What she (Katey Coffing) said, squared.

I find it disappointing and disturbing that anyone would even suggest a
hoax. By publishing, Tobias and Clarke are making their data available
to the world. Casts will soon be available, and will be rabidly examined
by anyone with an interest in pedal morphology (including me).
Anthropologists traveling to S. Africa will expect to be able to see the
new specimens, and would become suspicious if they were not permitted a
viewing (and handling).

Do we have a creationist in our midst?

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