Re: Time Frame: Early Hominids

JoeBeaver (
27 Apr 1995 22:35:39 -0400 (Patricia Lynn Sothman) writes:

>I posted a little blurb on what I heard at the Palaeoanthropology
>meetings. Tim White and Haile-Selassie presented a paper which gave some

>further details of the skeleton that was found last field season. They
>have over 90 fragments of a skeleton which includes elements such as hand

>and foot bones, tibia, fragmented ulna, mandible, pelvis, sacrum and
>cranial fragments. They would not answer any questions as to potential
>locomotor adaptations of ramidus, only saying that the analysis was not

Thank you for the information. Could you clear up another question
for me? The blurb in the Jan. 26 _Nature_ is not entirely clear on
whether the newly found fragments are from a single individual or not. Do
you know?
Thank you.

Joseph Beaver

They did have casts available of the material that was published in the
Nature article announcing A. ramidus for people to examine.

Patricia L. Sothman
Dept. Anthropology
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