Re: Will Anthro get me anywhere?

Robert Scott (
26 Apr 1995 08:20:29 GMT

In article <D7IrDG.9ot@info.uucp> Brett Philp u,
>studies. I'm not sure if I should pursue the study of material I find
>incredibly intrigueing, or if I should follow the courses I am most
>capable of doing well. I shouldn't give anyone the wrong impression; I
>like socio-cultural anthropology, but not as much as physical or primate

Do what you like and f____ 'em if they can't take a joke.

If you really want (and this you can only decide) to pursue phys.
anthro., then decide what subfield interests you most. This may change
(actually probably will). Do you enjoy anatomy, functional morphology,
primate behavior, human evolution, a specific time period, phylogeny,
paleoecology etc. Then find out who does work in that area, read some
papers by these people, make a list of where they are, decide where you
can deal with living. Apply to those places. Also consider Duke and
Stonybrook, their leading schools in the field. If you truly enjoy phys.
anthro., you'll be poor but happy.