Re: Will Anthro get me anywhere?

Kathy41144 (
25 Apr 1995 23:43:55 -0400

First, I want to say congratulations in your honours in Anthropology. I
too majored in Anthro at UC Berkeley and graduated with a BA last year and
I too was more drawn to Physical Anthro and Archaeology than to Cultural.
But just majoring in Anthro has given me such an incredibly different
viewpoint of life. I look at things now from an anthropological
perspective, whether it be poverty, bombings, etc. It is easier to put
our current cultural delimas into perspective if we understand the human
condition from 3 million years forward.

As to your future, if you are young, (or even if you are not) I was 50
when I graduated, you should persue what you love. UC Berkeley has a
marvelous PhD program in Anthro, all subsets. UC Santa Barbara has a great
Masters program in Archaeology. There are teaching and research positions
open, museum studies, forsenics, Material cultural programs throughout the
world, as countries try to protect their heritage before it is destroyed
by urban sprawl and over population. If you decide to apply to Berkeley,
let me know, I can direct you to professors you will want to meet with.

Again, good luck to a fellow Anthropologist.