Re: Who Killed the Australopithecines?

Dave Oldridge (
23 Apr 1995 13:38:48 -0300

In article <3n77db$>, (Vincent DeLuca) wrote:

> >>Please excuse the error. I did not mean that there were
> no identical , or nearly identical genes, in H. Erectus and
> H. Sapiens. I was misunderstood. As H. Sapiens came out
> of Africa and replaced H. Erectus there was NO
> INTERBREEDING and hence no gene exchange. This comes
> from the work on Mitochondrial DNA by Wilson (deceased)
> and Rebecca Caan.

OK, so all you're saying is that once H. Sapiens had emerged as a
seperate species, there was no further exchange of genes with H.
Erectus. I can see where that would be the case. I don't know whether
we have enough evidence to conclude whether the isolation was behavioral
or due to genetic incompatibility, though. Perhaps eventually we'll be
able to at least make an educated guess.

Dave Oldridge