Re: Anthropologists Suck!

Phil Nicholls (
24 Apr 1995 11:00:35 GMT

In article <>, BARD <> wrote:

>>We could try another vote. Perhaps BARD will honor his pervious
>>agreement to leave?
>>QUESTION: has been posting inappropriate material to
>> sci.anthropology.paleo. He should either refrain from
>> flames and and messages that have nothing to do with the
>> charter for this newsgroup or stop posting all together.
>>Please vote YES, I agree with this statement.
>> NO, Bard's posts are just find.
>>Phil Nicholls "To ask a question you must first
> __________________________________________________
> Ok Phil, let's sum up:
> You had your vote....
> You posted a public apology saying you were wrong.

Except, of course, that I won that vote but it became
obvious that you were tossing out votes you didn't like
and were not going to honor your agreement. You also
took advantage of the anti-censorship mood on the
net and may of the votes you counted for you were not
really votes for you.

I apologized to spare the newsgroup further attempts by
you to turn this into It appears I have
not be successful.

> I accepted your apology.
> For the past two weeks you've been responding to
> my posts on a daily basis.

And true to form the moment you got backed into a corner you
resorted with name calling. Up until that point I had hoped
that you might be able to maintain some kind of civil discourse.
Again I was wrong.

> And now you want to call another vote for my removal...???
> Don't you think your behavior is just a little immature?

It is not a vote for you removal. It is a vote on whether or not
your posts are appropriate to this newsgroup. It askes you to do
one of two things: stop acting like a jerk or leave.

No, I don't think it is immature. I am trying to show you how
inappropriate your posts are to a sci newsgroup. You seem to
be completely unaware of this.

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Department of Anthropology know most of the answer."
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