Re: Anthropologists Suck!

Phil Nicholls (
23 Apr 1995 21:56:27 GMT

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Kathy41144 <> wrote:
>I have been reading this news group periodically for several months and
>have thoroughly enjoyed the lively and educational discussions until the
>joker named Bard came on board. According to the rules on newsgroups that
>I just finished reading, he should be prohibited from coming on line in
>AOL if he continues to post cryptic, unrelavant messages. Can something
>be done to stop him before this newsgroup suffers real damage?

We could try another vote. Perhaps BARD will honor his pervious
agreement to leave?

QUESTION: has been posting inappropriate material to
sci.anthropology.paleo. He should either refrain from
flames and and messages that have nothing to do with the
charter for this newsgroup or stop posting all together.

Please vote YES, I agree with this statement.

NO, Bard's posts are just find.

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