Re: Casts of fossils

Patricia Lynn Sothman (
6 Apr 1995 22:50:44 GMT

Jim Foley ( wrote:

: I know casts are available of many fossils. How much do they generally
: cost? The Kenya National Museum, for example, sells casts of many of :
their fossils. How much would casts of 1470, or 3733, or the skull or :
skeleton of WT-15000, cost? How about Neandertal skulls, or any other :
well known fossils?

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I am not sure of the costs of many fossils, but I do know that KNM-WT
15,000, the whole skeleton will run you $6,000.00. Usually good casts
of fossil crania are 200-500 each, depending upon the type of materials
used in the casting process and the relative availability of the original
for molding. Obtaining your own cast collection is an expensive endeavor.

Patricia L. Sothman
Dept. Anthropology
WASH U., St. Louis