Re: Casts of fossils

Flyinggoat (
7 Apr 1995 01:29:54 -0400

Watch also what they've cast the fossil out of, which makes a big impact
on both cost and accuracy. The most detailed casts I've seen commercially
were available through a shop in Berkeley, Cal
(The Bone Room-1(510)526-5252 shameless plug for a cool shop)
distributing for a company out of Texas, I think, and were casts in resin
of modern primates, humans, big cats, wild dogs, etc....(I have the
chimpanzee, except for color it is exact on the outside.). Skullduggery
usually uses Permastone or another plaster-like material which is not as
capable of keeping the higher surface detail.
Betty Cunningham(
illustrator, animator, and likes to collect dead things