Re: Location of Lucy Fossil?

3 Apr 1995 15:15:58 GMT

In article <>, (BARD) writes:
> This is all I could find, hope it helps...
> BALL, Lucille Desiree (1911-1989)
> US film and television comedienne
> and producer, best known for her
> television role as "LUCY".
Bard, are you off your medication? Drinking too much coffee? Do you find
yourself wandering about in the middle of the night? It seems to me people are
trying to give you good information (open for "rational" debate) and this is
how you choose to reply? Bard, I don't think this group is equiped to
provide to you the "type" of help you seem to be asking for. Trolling and
baiting (to incite a flame war) is much more productive on groups such as:
Perhaps, there you may find your avenue to "vent" and purge your soul. I'm sure
you will find "friends" and people who will admire you for your knowledge, wit
and charm among those Alt.* groups. Anthropologist's are boring people Bard,
much too boring for the likes of you. I see from your posts things like
theory, facts, artifacts, and research have little value to you (when held next
to your white-hot sense of humor they are as dim as fireflys). Please seek
your adventure there, Bard. We will never miss you (we hardly notice each
other) and I -- for one -- just can't keep up with your quick mind.

You may reply via E-mail Bard. No flames will be returned on this group.
Jay (jr9426 to you Bard)