Does nat.sel. affect bard?

Eric N Shook (
6 Apr 1995 11:04:35 GMT

Bard. Bard. Bard. Bard. Bard. Bard.

To the guy who pointed out that Bard doesn't fit the definition:

thanks! We need more of this accuracy in thought, not! Like we didn't
all realize this. If you intend to flame I encourage you to go
elsewhere. You are currently selecting for Bard, not extinguishing
his conditioned response.

To the folks who keep talking aobut Bard BArd BArd baRD barD!

Puh-leeez! Get a hold of yourselves. What Anthropology not good enough
for you? Can't stay on topic? You prefer to get involved with
lunacy. What? Go figure.


Scramble this babbler. Ignore him. Actually involve yourself with
SERIOUS discussion of Anthropology. You needn't respond to every
fruitcake, hair brained idea. What? Can't you discern between serious,
potentially valid intellectual investigation, and fluff?